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Feeding Hungry Children

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Become a Dynamic Connextions Customer. When you become a customer of Dynamic Connextions an independent representative of  ACN, you help us to feed children and empower families to live healthier lives.

Because of customers just like you, millions of children have been fed.

Each month when you pay your essential service bill a donation is made to the Feeding America Charity and Project Feeding Kids.

Local Food Banks all across the world are being helped. It feels good to know that right in your own neighborhood you are helping a child eat every day.

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Revenue Sharing

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Work From Home

Dynamic C and other Representatives of ACN use the agreements ACN has with National Essential Service Providers to offer family, friends, customers, and clients Essential Services for their homes and businesses. In many cases, we are able to offer a lower rate, when you become an ACN customer on the Essential Services used each day by everyone.

Based on the relationships with each National Service Provider 

ACN and the Service Provider are able to share revenue with the representatives marketing their services. 

The revenue is generated because ACN Representatives help in reducing the advertising cost of  National Service Providers. 

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